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Xpress your identity

Differentiate your offer with a unique user experience designed by our studio. Discover the future of TV and how the UX can bring value to your video offer

We are Hubee Xperience

We create engaged user-centric experiences and premium visual designs. Through personas, wireframes, prototypes and mockups, we elaborate the best UX/UI solution whatever the platform.

Let’s build human focused design

We believe that a good design can overcome technical requirements. We work on the user flow and micro-interaction to offer a smooth navigation experience for the final user

We design global human experience

We create immersive digital experiences and consumer-centric services. We are creative craftsmen, we work side by side with our clients and developers because we believe that team spirit is the key to reach a common goal.

Shaping your services

We’ll help you enhance your service on any device and any plateform. Highlighting your data at the right place and shaping functionnalities to bring the best out of it. Offering a consistent, simple and playful experience for your users.

Sneak Peek

Our studio shapes engaged user-centric experiences based on viewer habits and any context of use

4 bis rue Saint-Sauveur
75002 PARIS, France

+33 1 83 64 10 31

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